Timeless Tudor

Working on a Tudor-style home that holds a spot on the National Registry of Historic Homes was both an honor and a challenge. Our clients had a clear vision and opted for an addition to accommodate their dream kitchen, always keeping within the approved historical guidelines. Collaborating closely with the clients, their architect, and other […]

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Blue Jay Contemporary

In this project, we tackled a home design that was stuck in the ’90s, dominated by a whitewashed theme that failed to capitalize on the property’s breathtaking bluff views. The kitchen was oddly positioned at the center of a vast open space, disregarding the serene vistas to the west. Our first move was to relocate […]

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Transitional Luxe

When we first encountered this client’s space, the vibe was calm but lacked the luxurious touch they desired. The kitchen was closed off, and the flow between areas felt disjointed. Their request was specific: a high-contrast design infused with opulence without losing its tranquil essence. The first move was to open up the kitchen and […]

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Coeur d’Alene Contemporary

The initial layout of this home posed a major challenge: a walled-off kitchen that fragmented the space and disrupted its natural flow. Our client desired an open concept that could breathe life into the home and promote a more inviting atmosphere. The first step in this transformation was to demolish the walls separating the kitchen […]

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Serene Surrounds

Our client envisioned a transformative change for their home, starting with the relocation of the kitchen away from the center of the house. This bold move was aimed at optimizing the flow and maximizing the potential of their living space. To enhance the relocated kitchen, we added skylights, flooding the area with natural light and […]

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The Crosby House

When our client came to us, they had two adjectives in mind for their remodel: modern and fun. They desired a space that felt contemporary, yet exuded a playful vibe. To meet this challenge, we selected flat-panel laminate cabinets, adding a sleek, modern foundation to the kitchen. Hickory floors were chosen not just for their […]

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