Blue Jay Contemporary

The '90s whitewashed design was revamped by relocating the kitchen to face the breathtaking bluff views, introducing a functional island with blue accents and updating the wood floors.

In this project, we tackled a home design that was stuck in the ’90s, dominated by a whitewashed theme that failed to capitalize on the property’s breathtaking bluff views. The kitchen was oddly positioned at the center of a vast open space, disregarding the serene vistas to the west. Our first move was to relocate the kitchen to fully harness these views, transforming cooking from a mere task to an enjoyable, scenic experience.

We then converted the former kitchen area into a dining space that now allows guests and family to dine with a view. The remodel also featured a functional island, which quickly became the focal point of the new kitchen layout. To infuse the client’s personality into the space, we introduced subtle blue undertones that broke the monotony of the original whitewash.

We also updated the wood floors, adding both warmth and modernity. One of the most significant impacts of this redesign was its enhancement of social interactions. With an open kitchen layout, the area has now become a hub for conversation and communal cooking, enriching the overall living experience and turning the home into a more inviting and interactive space.

"Their design phase was great, and we appreciated their insight and willingness to listen and incorporate our ideas. Berry Built is a pleasure to work with, we highly endorse!"

Hugh S.

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