Matt Berry

President / General Contractor

At the helm of Berry Built and Design, Inc., Matt Berry embodies the essence of visionary leadership and uncompromising professionalism. As president, Matt has been pivotal in establishing the company as a premier destination for bespoke kitchen and bath remodeling. His approach, both innovative and customer-centric, has been instrumental in shaping the company’s unique design-build format. This format, championed by Matt, streamlines the remodeling process, offering clients a seamless journey from conception to completion. His leadership is not just about guiding the company but about setting industry standards, ensuring that every project reflects a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

Matt’s journey with Berry Built is not just a professional conquest; it’s a testament to his strong ethical values and remarkable leadership skills. Alongside his wife Sara, Matt has meticulously curated a team of the finest professionals in the area. This team, under Matt’s guidance, is more than a group of individuals – it’s a harmonious blend of designers, craftsmen, and trade professionals who share a common passion for their craft. Matt’s leadership fosters an environment where trust, integrity, and a commitment to quality are paramount. His dedication to upholding ‘old world’ craftsmanship standards is evident in every project, ensuring that each remodel goes beyond the typical and ventures into the extraordinary.

Beyond the confines of his professional role, Matt is a family man at heart. He treasures the time spent with his wife and two daughters, embracing the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s a serene day at the lake, an adventurous camping trip, skiing down snowy slopes, or simply enjoying the region’s splendors, Matt’s life outside work is as rich and fulfilling as his professional endeavors. His love for the outdoors and community engagement is reflective of his belief in a well-rounded life, where work and personal happiness go hand in hand. This balance is not just a personal choice but a philosophy that echoes throughout Berry Built, where every project is treated as an extension of the home and family it belongs to.