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We transformed a closed-off, maze-like home to align with our client's love for earth tones and open spaces ideal for entertaining. By removing walls and decluttering the floor plan, we created an open-concept haven filled with natural light.

When our client approached us with their vision for a home remodel, two elements stood out: a love for earth tones and nature, as well as the desire for an open, welcoming space suitable for entertaining. The initial layout of the house was far from this ideal, with the kitchen closed off from the living room and a labyrinthine network of hallways that segmented the home into isolated compartments.

Our first task was to break down these barriers—literally. We removed the walls separating the kitchen from the living room, instantly transforming the space into an open-concept haven. Next, we focused on decluttering the floor plan by eliminating the unnecessary hallways that had previously made the home feel like a maze. The newfound openness was complemented by strategically adding more windows to usher in natural light, enhancing the earthy color palette favored by the client.

The end result is a harmonious blend of form and function: a home that not only embodies the client’s aesthetic preferences but also supports their lifestyle. The newly reconfigured first floor now invites seamless interaction and free movement, turning the house into a natural gathering place for friends and family.

"I cannot stress enough what a great experience it has been from design to completion. They worked with us to keep to our budget. Their construction team showed up on time, were very professional, and did beautiful work. I highly recommend Berry Built"

M. W.

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